• Agfa XRG200

Agfa XRG 200 is a film that I had never heard of - until I bought an old camera at a sale which had a 126 cartridge of it inside. I've not gotten round to finishing that cartridge (the camera doesn't work!), but I did manage to find a 35mm version on the internet. I was surprised to see that the expiry date of my film was 2008, meaning the film was relatively modern! Agfa have a reputation for making amazing films - Ultra, Precisa, RSXII, APX - so I was intrigued to try this one out.


When exposed well, the film performs well - colours are rich and saturated. In lower light, or shadows, the film starts to weaken - some grain is present, but it doesn't detract from the image.


These photos were mostly scanned in labs using a Fuji SP3000 scanner. Results may vary depending on how you or your lab scans your negatives.