• Lomography LC-A+

The Lomography LC-A+ is basically an updated version of the LC-A.

When the Russian Lomo company finally stopped making the LC-A in 2004, there was huge outrage in the lomographic community. Lomography stepped in, acquired the rights to the camera, and started producing it again in 2005. This new production included several new features, such as higher ISO settings (100-1600), a handy multiple exposure switch, and a slot on the faceplate to attach accessories. Some versions have a Russian lens like the originals, and some have a Chinese lens. Mine has a Chinese lens and I can't really notice any difference.

There are two main new accessories you can use with this camera - a Wide Angle Lens (self explanatory?), and a Splitzer. The Splitzer allows you to take two or more photos, with different parts of the picture blocked off. This can lead to some pretty interesting multiple-exposures...