• Agfa Ultra 100

The box boasts "ultra high color saturation" - they're some of my favourite words when it comes to film.

Sadly this film was discontinued in 2005/6 when AGFA stopped making films. It's extremely hard to find now - if anyone still has any, they're keeping hold of it tight! Luckily I found a few expired rolls and quickly got them!


Colours were accurately reproduced, and, as expected, they were very highly saturated! Reds and yellows pop out. Blue skies look awesome. Greens are vivid. Shadows were black. There was no really noticable grain. I love this film!

This is definitely one of the most awesome negative films ever produced. Some AGFA films, including the legendary Precisa CT100 slide film, have recently made a comeback. I hope Ultra returns one day too...


These photos were mostly scanned in labs using a Fuji SP3000 scanner. Results may vary depending on how you or your lab scans your negatives.