The Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim (UWS) is a pretty basic camera, but has gained a legendary status amongst lo-fi photographers. It has no batteries, a fixed shutter speed and a fixed aperture (1/125th and f/11 respectively). It is slim so easily fits in a pocket. And the lens is wiiiide (22mm).

I had a film in the UWS for about 6 months, but never really got round to using it because of other cameras. I maybe took one or two photos a month. Eventually I finished the film and was mega-impressed with the results.

Photos taken on dull days with the slow film didn't work, but sunny days came out amazingly. The wideness of the camera, coupled with cross processing the film gave some insane vignetting at the corners. Check out the skies in some of the photos!

For a cheapo camera, it gave some pretty amazing results. There are other sites on the internet detailing how to modify the camera for bulb mode and multiple exposures. I may try this one day!